Capability Enhancement Programs

Soft Skill development programs

Soft Skill Development Program fosters professional and personal skills of the students.

Language and Communication skill training

Language training enhances communication skill. The college offers language and communication enhancement programs with the initiation of students.

Yoga and Meditation

Yogic principles help to strengthen and develop a positive health and enable us to withstand stress in a better way. A large number of students and teachers are practicing yoga and meditation. The college conduct various training programs for yoga and wellness.

Analytical Skill Development Programs

It fosters the individual’s ability to identify the problem, investigate to find out relevant facts, and find a logical solution.

Human Value Development Programs

Human values are a set of consistent measures and behaviors that people choose to follow and practice as they strive to do the right things. Amala College of Nursing conduct various Human Value Development Programs for the students, to inculcate human and moral values.

Personality and Professional Development

Amala College of Nursing conductvarious Personality and Professional development sessions for the students. It helps them in acquisition of skills and knowledge for career advancement.

Employability Skill Development programs

Employability skills are necessary for success in career. Amala College of Nursing conduct various Employability Skill Development programs, to foster the development of positive attitude, honesty, flexibility and responsibility in students.