Best Practice 1

Amala College of Nursing Palliative care Services And Reachout Activities (APSARA)

The students and faculty of ACON, along with the Palliative Department, conduct regular home visits and provides free service to terminally ill and bed ridden patients, who are residing within 20 kms radius of the hospital, on every Thursdays. Amala College of Nursing also initiates outreach activities, in which the students help the needy families, by providing adequate nursing care, health education The society recognizes the value of nursing care and nursing education in this paradigm shift

Best Practice 2

ROMIA (Role Modelling Initiative at Amala College of Nursing)

ROMIA is a bi-level role modelling initiative of ACON which basically aims at clinicalrole modelling practices which aims to achieve the dual objectives of excellence in patient care and excellence in clinical learning experiences

Dual role initiative

  • Focuses on ensuring optimal nursing care and nursing education through effective utilization of qualified faculty at top supervisory roles. The faculty from college of nursing, who are assigned the dual role responsibility in the parent hospital, hold the post of CNO, CNC and Nursing coordinators

Clinical Preceptorship

  • Clinical Preceptorship is a time-limited, education-focused model. Using this model, students work under the supervision of the registered nurse.